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Gem, printing enterprise much chance

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     Many printing enterprise listed the heart, but all the indicators are like Bridges across the mountains in the enterprise decision makers, printing enterprise listed in front of inaction are related to this. Recently, brewing already a long time of growth enterprise market be vividly portrayed, many had no listing of small and medium-sized enterprises in high spirits, some can not reach the mainboard market conditions of the printing enterprise also to try, hope to be able to build on the capital, but the gem express in the upcoming release of growth enterprise market and printing enterprise opportunity exactly have DuoDa? The industry is not optimistic about, to sum up, the main reason to have the following two points.

     The aim of the establishment from gem watch. Gem service the main object is has great development potential of small and medium-sized enterprise or high and new technology enterprise, its main purpose is for the enterprise to provide financing through service to promote the development of the new economy. Although people keep points out, high and new technology industry is not equal to the IT industry from, but undoubtedly, to network company, software companies, such as computer company as a representative of the IT industry will become the protagonist of the gem, which has emerged in the 238 companies listed on the first primary in the enterprise has been reflected, in 238 to house on the gem enterprise, the computer industry directly engaged in the accounts for 30%. Although many printing experts, with special emphasis on printing is the rising sun industry, but printing "peanuts" situation but it is hard to believe that it will have great potential of development. At the same time the obvious fact is, in the IT industry, the popular world today except individual special printing enterprise, printing enterprise how to also cannot delimit high-tech enterprise ranks. So the industry experts think, printing into a slim chance of gem market.

     Two of the gem from market risk look. From the international experience look, risk investment will be to set up the main force of the gem investment risk investment institutions, and one of the most popular enterprise also focused on has the potential to grow IT, communication, biological industry, those who don't are risk investment in the company's last is inevitable to see was washed out by the market's fate. According to statistics, nearly three years the nasdaq market was delisting the number of listed companies is more than the number of new listed companies, the listed company's not stable and high risk is one of the most striking features of the gem market. In printing industry of the present market situation even if barely squeeze into gem, whose future situation hard to predict. 

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