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Buy blown film machine what are the options of experience

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     Net friend: buy equipment to price position is not a scientific method. Example: Mr. With two laid-off, to discuss their do a factory, not only can solve their problems, work the laid-off friends and relatives also driven. After careful analysis, decided to do a think plastic film factory.

     Choose blown film machine equipment of the preparatory work started, two different Mr, Mr. A choose and buy to price cheap, reason is other manufacturer also is in production, blow out of thin film looks good, why should increase investment in equipment? Mr. B is insisted on price is on the high side of the equipment, reason is no matter the appearance of the equipment, or from the structure of the equipment and the low price of the equipment is good for product quality must be of help.

     2 different opinions because after all, scheme not determined. Friends and family puts forward a suggestion: 2 people purchasing a device, respectively after half a year to liquidation, according to the actual effect of accurate, who demonstrated views in the future when the enterprise is the President of who. 2 people readily agree.

    Equipment in place, and the smooth both planned put into production, and soon in the past six months. 2 each one of the fruits of their relatives and friends will face in front of apportion, the results are as follows:Low price of the equipment: the price is higher equipment:Can production film type 2, can produce film kinds six,

    The highest yield per hour 50 kg per hour, maximum yield of 80 kg,Every hour average power consumption 27 degrees, every hour average power consumption degrees, 33 degrees On average every tons of power consumption 540 degrees, average every tons of power consumption for 412.5 degrees,The machine downtime repair 17 times, machine downtime is 1,Return accumulative total of 3.7 tons, finished product finished up to 180 kg return (man-made).

    In the face of all these index comparison, Mr. A first utterance: now I have just begun to understand that what is called A performance to price, it seems that after A long view should run the enterprise, must learn to be big account, such is not do great things.

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