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BFQ Series Surface-rolling Type Slitting

date:[2015-08-07]    hit: BFQ Series Surface-rolling Type Slitting

Product Schematic:

Model: BFQ

Category: sub-machine series

Name: BFQ Series Surface-rolling Type Slitting Machine Use This machine is suitable for slitting BOPP, OPP, PET, PE, and other packaging materials, special cutting drawstring garbage bags better.

The main technical parameters:

Cutting the maximum width of the web600mm800mm1000mm
The maximum diameter of the coil slittingф600mm ф600mmф600mm 
Coil winding width 20~600mm20~800mm20~1000mm
Cutting speed5~120m/min 5~120m/min 5~120m/min 
Error correction<±0.5mm<±0.5mm<±0.5mm
Total power2.2Kw 3 Kw3 Kw
Total Weight1200kg1400 kg1600 kg

Performance and features:

1, the host frequency control.

2, discharge using magnetic tension and automatic correction.

3, automatic meter and set a few meters automatically.

4, inflatable refueling quick discharge axis.

5, rolling weight type surface wound up.

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