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Kraft trilateral closure bag

date:[2015-08-07]    hit: Kraft trilateral closure bag


The machine uses the latest automatic discharge of the folded device, correcting magnetic tension. Imported photoelectric tracking, fixed-length computer control, imported frequency converter, sealing automatic control. With a reasonable structure, simple, reliable, easy maintenance, high precision control superior characteristics (automatic punching device optional). May be one or two heat sealing and hot knife lateral and longitudinal adjustment, with high precision, high speed, heavy pressure type four-point uniform pressure, is the production of paper / paper, paper / plastic, heat-sealing type pocket, pocket, ideal for food packaging, kraft paper bags.

The main technical parameters:

Making maximum width500mm
The maximum length of the bag900mm
Speed bag20—160个/min
Host power3kw
Total power10kw
Machine weight约≈2000kg

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